Friday, April 10, 2009


Im in the library at school, killing time inbetween classes and decided "HEY! Im gonna start a blog" so now what.....

Well listen to this.
So roughly a year ago I marriend my best friend and life could not be better. SHE IS AMAZING. She loves me just the way I am. I tell her my faults and victories and all inbetweeen and SHE still loves me just the same. I need her so much. We are accomplished because of JESUS CHRIST and the wisdom and grace that the HOLY SPIRIT gives freely. We recently started a non-profit and have named it ABSOLUTE MINISTRIES, the LORD gave me that name but thats another story, with the vision of Outdoor outreach events and concerts along with ABSOLUTE HOUSE which will act as a stability house for men who are coming out of some form of recovery and are now searching for what to do next. Men need to be challenged, recovery is a massive challenge and during the "program" they are challenged all the time. However as soon as they get out, the challenge of classes, recovery course work, and being held accountable goes out the window when they walk out the doors of whatever program they have been in. Unfortunately, this usually and most of the time leads to a quick downhill spin or for that matter free fall back to whatever it was that got them in the mess in the first place.
We want to open a house, this house will serve men who have exited a recovery program(there are lots of them). They will be required to work a job they secure on their own, pay the monthly fee of housing, and BE COMPLETELY HONEST in there walk of new life. Without complete honesty, trying to walkout a Christian life is depressing at best. You are totally tying a noose around your own neck if you try and hide things. OPEN UP! CHRISTIANS WANT TO HELP YOU. But you have to want to help yourself and take the hardstep of being honest even though it hurts at first. (that pain is called pride being swallowed). Anyways a little rabbit trail there...back to the house. The men will fill out an application and upon approval and entry they will start being led through life with someone walking it out with them(building the foundation through actual life, not the foundation built in a bubble called a program) The men will go through the BIBLE, books, financial classes, recovery meetings(whether CR or some other kind), get help writing resumes, Job searching; should the need present itself, sexual purity meetings, once they have developed a routine they will be expected to serve at a church of their choice in some form or another, and they will be encouraged and built up by mentors and men that have come out of the life of addiction by the GRACE and LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.
This house is a major need. I see and hear of people getting out of recovery programs all the time and falling flat on their faces. Its time to make a safe place where they can transition and realistically grow and learn while going through life.
There is so much more and facets that I havent even touched on for this house. But my class starts in 15 mins and I gotta walk a little ways. So I'll get back when I do....

The need is great,



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  2. Great post! Keep fighting the good fight!!

  3. you are....INSPIRATIONAL!! i love you forever!